Ta Prohm Temple Angkor

Ta Prohm Temple Angkor

After leaving Angkor Wat we headed to our next stop, Ta Prohm also called the Tomb Raider temple. It got the nickname because it was featured in the Lara Croft/Angelina Jolie movie of the same name.  It is most well known for the large banyan trees growing atop the temple with their roots flowing down the sides of the temple walls like wooden waterfalls.

Although the banyan trees look cool and make for good photographs at Ta Prohm, they are also slowly destroying the temples as the roots make their way through the rocks.  As the temples are restored, a lot of the trees are being cut down.  Though I imagine the conservators will do their best to keep these iconic sites intact if they can as they are part of the attraction to the temples.

Due to the popularity of the Ta Prohm temple and the confined space, it seemed a lot more crowded than Angkor.

Not to mention everyone was lining up to take their pictures taken in the same spots.

There are areas of the temple that are in disrepair, piles of rubble waiting to be rebuilt by the restoration crews.

This one carving gets a lot of attention, especially in the Ancient Alien circles.  If you look at the second animal from the top, you’ll see what people believe is a dinosaur.  It does kind of look like a stegosaurus.

Ta Prohm temple was one of my favorite Angkor temples from the trip.  I enjoyed walking around the ruins, the setting made me feel like I was living my own Indiana Jones experience.

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