Past Travel Data

This is the page where I keep track of the miles logged, cities and countries visited, and any other random facts about my year in travel.

2016 Travel Stats

Countries Visited: 3
Cities Visited: 6
Miles Flown:  47,000+

2016 Countries Visited:

  • United Kingdom
  • Costa Rica
  • Thailand

Another good year for travel. I was able to visit two new countries and my second home of Thailand.  I also made trips to visit friends in Colorado and family in New York and New Jersey.

My trip to Costa Rica was an unexpected business trip and a surprise bonus to my 2016 travel itinerary, so I got to visit on the company nickle.  While I was in the office during the day and in meetings at night, we did stay over a weekend which enabled us to see some of the country.  I hope to make it back soon for a longer trip.

London was on my bucket list for over a decade and I’m so glad I finally decided to go, despite the cost.  It was expensive, but one of the best trips I’ve had in years.

In September I was laid off from my job which turned out to be a great thing. I’d been planning for it for some time and had a nice chunk of money saved so I decided to take a four month sabbatical till the end of the year.  The time off allowed me to travel home to help out some family in need, visit friends I hadn’t seen in years, and spend 3 weeks in Thailand.

The trip to Thailand was beneficial for me both on personal and professional levels. It allowed me to relax and clear my head so I could figure plans for my future and I made a business contact that I plan on leveraging in 2017.  On my return home I was back working as an IT contractor within a few weeks thanks to my friends in the business.  It was dearly needed as I had sufficiently depleted my savings traveling and helping family out during the previous four months of my sabbatical.

I’m hopeful 2017 will have me visiting a few more places – and possibly moving to Thailand for 3 -6 months if the business opportunity works out..

2015 Travel Stats

Countries Visited: 2
Cities Visited: 4
Miles Flown:  40,000+

2015 Countries Visited:

  • Thailand
  • Cambodia

This was a good year for travel.  I visited one of my bucket list items and a place I’d wanted to see for a long time the Angkor Temples.   I returned to Thailand to see some of my favorite places and people while also checking out a few new ones. I made a commitment to myself to broaden my travel horizons and see more of the world in 2016.