About Us

Travel Misfit is a international travel media website focused on exploring the wonders that Asia has to offer.  We create content to inspire and help people enjoy the sites and culture of Asia.

The website got its start as a personal travel blog covering trips and adventures around the world.  After discovering a love for Asia, the site evolved into a dedicated travel resource for the region.

We publish original content, including stories, travel guides, best-of lists, and photography from around the area.

Our vision is inspire and help people enjoy traveling in Asia.  We want to help people see everything the region has to offer, even if you never leave the couch.

Why Travel Misfit?

Why is a site about travel in Asia called Travel Misfit?  Admittedly it is a strange name.

The name originated from the original travel blog. It focused on adventures of someone out of place in the world of long term travel.  Quitting your job at 40 to see the world isn’t the normal thing to do. 

Learning from experiences on the road lead to a lot of misadventures and feeling out of place.  He felt like a bit of a misfit and the name stuck.