I’m Pete. Explorer, photographer, history buff and self-professed IT nerd. I’m the writer and photographer behind Travel Misfit. I’m New Jersey born and raised but my education and professional life has taken me to Boulder Colorado and now Scottsdale Arizona.

In an effort to reinvigorate a life gone stale, I started traveling and exploring the world several years ago. It was my first solo trip to Thailand that changed my perspective on a lot of things. I fell in love with the country, culture, and people and made many return visits. I started referring to it as my second home.

Now I’m ready for new adventures.  The world is a big place and I want to see the lot of it.  With two weeks of vacation a year, the reality of me seeing much of this great big globe of our’s is depressing.

I did some calculations and it would take me over twenty-two years to see just the destinations on my current list.  And that barely scratches the surface.  Which is why I decided to embark on a year-long journey around the world.  I am going to fit 22+ years of experiences into one.

This site seemed like a natural outlet for me to express my creative and technical side while sharing stories and photos from my trips. I’ve had a camera by my side since I was a kid, but only took it up as a serious hobby within the past few years.   I’m currently shooting with a Fuji X-T2 and a Sony RX100 M3.

Although I originally intended Travel Misfit to be an online travel journal, a place for me to digitally record and reminisce, I soon found that it could be a catalyst for other things.

  1. Connect with other travelers
  2. Inspire both myself and others to travel more and do it while you still can
  3. Give me a reason to take more photos

Why Travel Misfit?

Why did I choose the Travel Misfit as the name of the site?  I felt like everything I wanted to do was against the norm.  Quitting your job to travel the world is something you do in your twenties or early thirties, not your forties.

After college, I wanted to go to work, not travel Europe.  Now when I’m in my prime earning years (supposedly), I want to leave it all behind to travel.  I’m not a backpacker, I’m a suitcaser. I don’t plan on staying in hostels but I want to keep my budget low.  Misfit seemed to fit the way I was feeling at the time.  Though in hindsight, I wish I had picked something cooler.

Where Have I Been So Far?

Barbados – Cambodia – Canada – Costa Rica– Grand Cayman- Mexico – St. Croix – Turks and Caicos – ThailandUnited Kingdom – United States


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